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Photo Thoughts

Beach Photo Shoots

by Karsun Designs Photography on 07/15/13

It's been a very busy weekend for us. While we didn't get to go on our dolphin tour due to the weather, we had a photo shoot on Sunday and another one on Monday.

Two wonderful families allowed us to photograph them at the beach and it was a real pleasure.

The weather held out both days and I think we got some really nice shots. Too bad we missed the two lightning bolts this afternoon but otherwise, what a wonderful way to spend the weekend. You can see some of the photos on the portolio page, near the bottom. They are the next to the last row and the one above that - you'll see the beach. Eventually I'll move everything up some but for now, they're ready to see.

First Print Sale

by Karsun Designs Photography on 07/06/13

I used to see some of my colleagues selling prints and was always so impressed. Well, we sold our first one the other day. We have some up on Fine Art America but this was actually through Facebook - go figure. I can't wait for her to see it because the colors are so much richer in person on the actually photograph as opposed to what you see online. I was thrilled with how it turned out. If anyone wants prints you can go to Fine Art America or contact us personally for an excellent deal.

Surprise Engagement Photos

by Karsun Designs Photography on 06/26/13

The surprise engagement photos are up and you can view them on the portfolio. Everything went just about perfect - from start to finish.

We got booked just a couple of days before the shoot and had to keep everything quiet. It had been storming the day before and even on the way out to the beach it rained a bit. We got a parking pass from Long Beach Resort (a big thank you to them) and waited for them to walk down the beach. Keep in mind we'd never met them in person and had to kind of be inconspicuous when they walked by.

It went swimmingly and everyone was happy. I love when we can do things like that and make people happy.

Things Are Exciting Lately

by Karsun Designs Photography on 06/22/13

Things are really exciting lately. Not only did we get features on Photobotos (a place we've always wanted to get into) but we did a surprise engagement photo shoot on Friday. Those photos turned out great and she was caught by total surprise. I hope to get to post a couple after they see them - right now they are headed home from their trip here and Cape San Blas. We also got to go on a day trip and shoot some old, abandoned trucks from the 40's.

Here's looking at more fun photos in the future.

Art Exhibit

by Karsun Designs Photography on 06/05/13

One of our photos will be featured in the Flora500 Exhibit. You can read more about the art exhibit here. The art will be inspired by the region 1 native wildflowers and can be viewed at the Bay County Public Library July 1-31 and at Gulf Coast State College August 23-Sept 12.

We are very excited to be a part of this gallery.

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