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Photo Thoughts

January is Booking Up Fast

by Karsun Designs Photography on 01/04/14

January is usually a slow month but not this year. We already have three photo shoots in the works and a trip to New Orleans. Now granted, the trip is a vacation but we plan to take tons of photos while we're there. We have a photo shoot coming up with someone that if you don't know her name now, you will. It's a secret who it is till we're done. Then later on in the month a boudoir shoot and possibly a formal ball. I hope this is a trend!

Surfing USA or....

by Karsun Designs Photography on 12/16/13

We were fortunate enough to have quite a few family shoots this summer and most of them were on the beach. A few asked about props and now we have one. We found an awesome deal on a surfboard so now when people ask if we have that kind of prop we can definitely deliver. Hopefully we can head out to the beach with it and get an awesome photo to share after Christmas. It's an Orion Surfboard with flames and it's yellow; I love it already.

Two Fun Shoots

by Karsun Designs Photography on 10/30/13

We had two really fun shoots this weekend. First was a pinup shoot at the beach with Kristi then a Day of the Dead shoot with Hannah. Remember that if you're looking to get into pinup modeling we can connect you with the local correspondant for Pinup America. We had the winning photo for December's magazine that is coming up so check us out in the magazine or online. Also, if you want a pinup shoot with your classic car, we can provide the model and the photos. These are fun shoots that you'll love to display!

We Won!

by Karsun Designs Photography on 10/04/13

We've been really enjoying the whole pinup photography thing and recently submitted a photo to Pinup America. Well, we won! Not only was our photo one of the top two winners, we get a full-page ad in this international magazine. We have to thank the lovely Blaize La Roux who made this possible. We can't wait to get the magazine and see our ad!

Busy Bees

by Karsun Designs Photography on 10/01/13

We're having a lot of fun with shoots lately and have more lined up for the next couple of weeks. While a few are just for fun and non-paid, it's those that sometimes lead to paying jobs. We may even be doing a calendar shoot soon along with a pinup shoot with a client's Corvette. It's the slow season anyway so what we do have is more than welcome but the down time gives us time to do the fun stuff that allows us to share our own artistic vision. Looking forward to an urban type shoot with a beautiful model and our truck then another one coming up with a gorgeous friend and her adorable dog. Can't wait for both of those! I have a feeling spring and summer is going to be quite busy!

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